Sorcery! 3 is pretty bad ass – but complicated!


Sorcery! 3 is a new game for mobile platforms from inkle, the makers of 80 Days. That was a badass game based on a little book you might have heard of, by Jules Verne…



So this game is based on a running series by the name that features magic, dragons, and magic dragons. You get to walk around on a neatly styled old timey map with an almost game-board piece character and make choices. However, you also engage in battles where you must carefully choose how much of an attack to lay against an enemy, depending on their defense and offense.

That’s all cool and dandy. Fighting dragons, saving maidens and stuff. But the game takes it a step further. For starters, you are going to be making all of the choices you can dream of, including where to go, on the map. Sometimes, it is overwhelming. I got lost and am not sure there is enough direction of what the fuck to do, even still. That would be my biggest complaint. But you can choose any path you want, for the most part, and it is fun.


Another fun aspect is that you get to cast SPELLS! Hell fucking yes! This is a unique aspect to the game, where you will actually pick a three character combination to cast a spell, ranging from ZAP to shoot electricity at someone to HOT to shoot a fireball at them. Some spells, like SUS, tell you if there is danger. There are hidden spells, spells you learn and your own spellbook that keeps track of it all for you, that you can study at any time. However, you have to remember the spell itself when you go back to cast it and you must know when and where to cast what. It can be complicated at first but if you keep playing the game, you grow to appreciate that freedom more. Generally, you can just type out all the combinations and imagine which one would work best in your situation.

The game does cost $4.99 but there is no premium content in the video game, at all. It comes out to be a nice little experience that I feel justified in spending the money on.

One thing to mention – there is a lot of reading in this game. Now, I’m cool with that but most people won’t be and even more won’t be used to it. This isn’t a game about fancy graphics but rather, storytelling and decisions with unique possibilities around every corner. It is like the evolution of one of those “Choose Your Own Ending” books.

I like Sorcery! 3. Not too much but just enough to recommend it. 7/10.


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