Review: The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!


Get ready for the WWE to do another low-quality product tie-in! And with The Flintstones, no less. A cartoon I haven’t even heard of in 20 years. Despite that, the idea has potential – and immediately loses all of it as soon as you start watching it.

This is a weird one folks. It feels like I’m watching an episode of Flintstones with characters that don’t belong there. For starters, Fred is voiced differently from what I remember him sounding like. But ok, I can get by with that. The WWE characters sound so differently voiced. Cena can’t act, at all. It sounds like a high school drama student reading his lines with 190% of the emotion he should be inflecting in his voice. Mr. McMagma is pretty cool.

Punk fans will enjoy this. Also, Barney is fucking him here.
Punk fans will enjoy this. Also, Barney is fucking him here.
Also, CM Punk is apparently the star of this. Rey Mysterio is also in it because WWE has a turnover rate higher than a local TV station. Punk is a jerk, like in real life, and is going around bullying when he ends up getting his.
It has some charm. It’s just so far behind current WWE. Daniel Bryrock is saying “no.” I kinda marked out when Taker spoke, though. Yes, Mean Mark Callaway voices The Undertaker. Thankfully, no stupid name was applied to him, like the UndertheEarthsCrust Taker or Undergranite Taker.
It never looks like this, so I don't know why they act like its going to.
It never looks like this, so I don’t know why they act like its going to.
This actually should have been released two years ago, around Wrestlemania 29. It is good for kids and a few laughs for the adults are there…but it is still an F. Just maybe an F+.

One thought on “Review: The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!”

  1. Four things of note:

    1.It’s pretty funny that Daniel Bryan gets to be on the DVD cover as if he has a very big role in the movie, when actually he’s only in ONE scene overall.

    2.The two times CM Punk was sent flying into the seafood cart is kind of a homage to the Back to the Future trilogy when Biff crashes his car twice into a truck full of manure, and his great-grandad Mad Dog is knocked silly by Marty into a cart full of horse apples.

    3.During the scene where Fred was sorting out the wrestlers’ costumes, The Undertaker ends up wearing pink underpants and then shows his hungry bum to Fred and Barney, who both cringe.

    4.There was a rumour that Bill Goldberg was also going to appear in this movie as “Goldboulder”, because prior to the film’s release, IMDB listed his name on the cast and crew page, but after its release, his name was taken off that list.


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